The company and its history

LYMA GmbH is a young and very innovative medium-sized company in the north of Baden-Württemberg, located in the Neckar-Odenwald district, in the city of Buchen. With our own construction, production, and service, we are currently 30 employees, active in the field of special vehicle construction. Our core business is the construction of truck cranes in the medium to heavy load range. These are folding cranes from approx. 40-ton meters up to over 200-ton meters of our partner FASSI, which can be built up according to individual customer desires together with structure and equipment, on a suitable chassis of all considerable manufacturers.

One of the most frequent questions asked by our competitors was and still is how this young team managed to acquire the know-how in just a few years to not only survive on the market of large folding cranes but to make a name for itself and push itself to the top.

The answer was and is quite simple: try, experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, do it better. These are the rules of evolution.

After extensive, Europe-wide market research in the field of heavy truck cranes, we came to the conclusion that success lies only in custom and special construction. For this purpose, we created a very professional, experienced, forward-looking team, consisting of engineers, welders, and mechatronic engineers, whose skills are the guarantors of our success.

In the beginning, in order to gain experience, we decided to build used truck cranes on used trucks. Since the middle of 2016, we have been building only new vehicles and new cranes. In doing so, we have not only waited for customer orders but have always researched and experimented in parallel on our own vehicles, on new design and manufacturing solutions, which we will continue to do in the future. The sudden influx of orders from all over Europe gave and gives us the confirmation that we are on the right and successful way with our future-oriented thinking and acting.

Today we can be proud of the fact that we are one of the large European-wide suppliers of heavy crane vehicles, which can build and offer by Top know-how – bear-strong, stable, and reliable crane vehicles, after customer’s request.

Our efforts have paid off and made us the innovation winner:

“Top in the country 2017”.

The heart and special feature is, for the overall structure, consisting of chassis, crane, and superstructure, a specially calculated subframe made of fine-grained steel, with main, additional, and front supports, which guarantees 100% of the load capacity at 360 working space. In the processing of all common materials, we attach great importance to the highest manufacturing quality, especially in the processing of fine-grained steel, which requires special welding skills.

It goes without saying that we comply with the vehicle registration regulations, the bodywork guidelines of the vehicle manufacturers, the standards, and country regulations. CE certificates for crane and superstructure as well as the final crane inspection by TÜV-Süd seal our professionalism and guarantee our customers safe, reliable, and economical crane operation.

In the center of our daily work are our customers with their wishes and tasks, which we always try to fulfill 100%. Only when the customer is satisfied at the handover of the vehicle, then we are also satisfied.

In order to meet the continuing strong demand and good order situation, our strategy is geared towards healthy growth. The number of employees will grow and the big goal for 2019, is the construction and move to our completely new, greenfield manufacturing building, in nearby Walldürn.

….and we want to further expand our position in the construction of heavy crane vehicles in Europe in the coming years.